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Counseling for Children

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Roxanne has experience counseling children, teens and parents for issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavior issues at home and school, self-esteem issues, peer issues, bullying, family communication, mild autism, developmental delays, adapting to chronic medical conditions (treatment compliance, self-esteem and family issues as they pertain to the medical condition), body image and eating issues, divorce and blended families.

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Roxanne works with children through exploring their thoughts and emotions by creating a space where they feel understood and valued and where they don’t feel judged. Children often have a unique way of expressing themselves and it is important to understand what their underlying beliefs are and how they see the world. .

In our society, children often find themselves in situations where they are graded and compared to others. This happens often in school, sports and through social media. For some children, this motivates them to do their best. For other children, it can feel like a huge weight on them. They feel they are never “good enough.” Many children have social anxiety and other forms of anxiety that make it difficult to grow up feeling strong and capable.

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Children also struggle with depression, family issues, self-esteem issues, focus and attention issues, and may have under-developed social skills that may not be age-appropriate, causing them to feel like they don’t “fit in.” Some children fall into a pattern of underperformance and withdrawal when they struggle with these issues.

Roxanne strongly believes that working with the parent is often an important piece of a child’s therapy. Parents need to know what they can do on a daily basis to help their child. Parenting counseling is often requested when parents have already tried various ways of addressing their child’s difficulties without success. Roxanne offers parents specific strategies to use at home in order to address their child’s unique situation, incorporating their child’s strengths, interests and temperament. Parents’ temperament and family lifestyle is always taken into consideration. Roxanne understands that simply sending a child for counseling sessions alone is not going to address the issue in the most effective way.

Parenting counseling (sessions without the child), or sessions that include the parent and child as well as other significant family members if appropriate may be included. Roxanne works with the family to determine who should participate in therapy sessions and how often, etc. Roxanne respects that each family has its own unique value system and lifestyle and understands that parents are the ones who have the responsibility for making decisions regarding their child.

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