Counseling Children & Teens with Eating and Weight Issues

Children and adolescents with weight issues, stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and compulsive overeating:

There are times during childhood and adolescence when eating habits change. Perhaps certain favorite foods have gone by the wayside and the child prefers different foods. As children grow, the timing and quantity of food they eat changes. These are usually normal, expected changes. However, sometimes parents begin to notice that their child or adolescent’s eating habits seem unusual or unhealthy. Children or adolescents may begin to overeat or binge eat, to sneak food, to skip meals, or to adopt a highly restrictive diet. Sometimes this can be the beginning of an unhealthy eating pattern that may be related to emotional difficulties a child or adolescent is having. Other times, it can be a sign of a developing eating disorder or body image distortion.

Roxanne works with families to gain an understanding of the underlying emotional difficulties that may exist for the child and family, and also works directly to assist families in guiding their child or adolescent toward a healthier eating pattern.