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Counseling Divorcing Families - Divorce Counseling

When parents separate or divorce, children’s lives are disrupted. Even in the best of situations, children go through many different emotional experiences. Sometimes children “act out” and it is clear they are going through an adjustment period. At other times, children hold in and hide their emotions while outwardly they appear to be gliding through the situation with a minimum of problems.

These are difficult times, as adults are dealing with their own changing situations which may include anger, hurt feelings, sadness, loss and financial concerns, while, at the same time, they are trying to emotionally support their children and continue solid parenting practices. It can be one of the most challenging times for families.

In many years of counseling children in these situations, Roxanne has learned that many children have questions that they are afraid to ask their parents. They often have overheard or have been told information by other family members…things that parents are unaware that the children know. Often children find out things that are difficult for them to understand. They may become angry, anxious, depressed or confused. They may experience loyalty conflicts. Children of different ages and different developmental levels will have different reactions to their parents’ divorce, sometimes posing a challenge in families with more than one child.

Blended Families

After a divorce, new, blended families often eventually form. This can be an exciting, fun time full of new experiences and possibilities. There are stepparents and often step-siblings - sometimes referred to as bonus parents and bonus siblings. Often there is a move to a new home. Sometimes children will attend a new school. It has become very common for children to split their time between two homes. While this can be a situation that works out fairly well, it can also be challenging at times. Roxanne has worked with many families to navigate these challenging and sometimes complicated situations.

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