Parenting Counseling

When children are having emotional or behavioral difficulties, parents often wonder what they can do to help their child and their family. Often parents have already tried multiple things that have not worked. Sometimes parents wonder whether they have somehow contributed to their child’s difficulties without meaning to.

At times, parents feel that they need some new strategies, different skills or techniques to help their child or children better navigate in their world. Sometimes parents have had a difficult upbringing themselves and know that the model they had for parenting in their own family of origin, was not the healthiest or most effective.

Roxanne understands that each child is different and each family is different. Therefore, there is no “one way that works.” She gets to know the children and their parents and considers a wide variety of parenting approaches to work with families to make positive changes.

Some of the factors that Roxanne takes into account and explores in parenting counseling include: