Counseling for Teens

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Teens and Adolescents have a lot of pressure on them coming from many directions. They are exposed to so many messages coming from so many different sources. Many adolescents are concerned about grades, self-esteem and self-worth, identify issues, friendships, sexuality, dating, body image, family situations, and decisions about college and career. Adolescents are faced with many different situations, choices, messages and values as they socialize with peers in school, in other community settings, and online.

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In addition, they often have access to images and information that parents may be unaware of. Often the situations teens are faced with place them in a situation where they have the opportunity to make a choice that is not in line with the values they have been taught in the family. As adolescents navigate these situations, parents and family members often continue to play the most important role. However, even in strong families, it is often helpful for teenagers to have somebody to talk to who is not a family member or a peer.

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Roxanne has experience working with many different types of family situations including divorced and blended families, single parent families, gay and lesbian families, military families, families in transition and crisis situations. Roxanne understands and respects that each family has its own unique value system and lifestyle.

Setting Technology Boundaries for Children & Teens

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