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Counseling for Young Adults

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Young adulthood (from 18 to mid 30's) is often a time of great opportunity, growth and potential, yet it often comes with confusion, self-doubt or anxiety over important life choices. Relationship decisions, issues with parents, educational and career decisions sometimes need to be sorted out.

Roxanne uses an eclectic and holistic approach in counseling with special care to tailor her approach to each client. Roxanne uses modalities including cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches, solution focused therapy, acceptance and committment therapy, narrative therapy, positive psychology, psychodynamic and strength-based therapy. Roxanne encourages clients to explore how messages learned in childhood or ‘family of origin’ continue to impact emotions, behavior patterns, and current life experiences. Mind and body cannot be separated in the path toward wellness. How we treat our bodies including what and when we eat, levels of physical activity and sleep patterns all impact mental health and are all part of the wellness picture.

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Roxanne strongly believes that one’s past does not have to determine one’s future, and that through counseling, people have the power to examine patterns in their lives and change those thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors that hold them back in life or worse, cause repeated pain, frustration and failure. We all create a “narrative” about our lives and how we fit into the world around us, and sometimes this is a self-defeating narrative. Roxanne works with clients to examine their “narratives” and uncover an understanding that narratives are “created,” which means they can be re-created!

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Roxanne has experience counseling adults with depression and anxiety, relationship issues, divorce and separation, parenting, binge eating disorder and other disordered eating, emotional eating and stress eating, obesity, compulsive behaviors, life transitions, adult ADHD, and clients who may not have a mental health diagnosis, but feel a general lack of satisfaction in life and want to explore new life possibilities.

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